CNR-IRSA activities related to INHABIT

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CNR-IRSA has carried out, in collaboration with Prothea Srl, a first course for the presentation of the CARAVAGGIO method (Milan - 11-14 March 2014).
During the course the information necessary for the correct application of the method are provided. The course includes classroom and field exercises. The total duration of the course is 4 days and the method accreditation is achieved after a final exam. The program of March 2014 course is available here (in Italian).

Caravaggio courses are planned to be held on a six months basis approximately, i.e. twice a year, according to an approach similar to the 2014 March course in Milan. Information about the courses will be regularly updated in this section of the website.

A step of the survey during a lesson in the field.
Fiume Tormo – Lombardia (CR)
A further step of the survey on the field. Fiume Tormo – Lombardia (CR)
A step of the survey during the final exam. Torrente Curone – Lombardia (LC) Final exam in the classroom