Quaderni and Monografie IRSA

CNR-IRSA activities related to INHABIT

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Quaderni and Monografie IRSA

In this section, some ‘Quaderni CNR-IRSA’ (ISSN 0390-6329) are available for download. Addressed issues are related to INHABIT activities and, in more general terms, to WFD (EC 2000/60) implementation, mainly as far as rivers are concerned. Further pages of the website menu are reported in Italian only. For additional information, please contact directly the reference person. Although the publication of the ‘Quaderni CNR-IRSA’ has been recently discontinued, dissemination activity of the Institute is maintained through the publication of the ‘Monografie CNR-IRSA’. Within INHABIT project the manual of the CARAVAGGIO method has been published as ‘Monografie CNR-IRSA’ issue 1/i.

Quaderno IRSA 121

Quaderno IRSA 122 on Mediterranean rivers (2004)

Quaderno IRSA 123 on the WFD Intercalibration Process (2005)

Monografie IRSA 1/i - Manuale di applicazione del metodo CARAVAGGIO - Guida al rilevamento e alla descrizione degli habitat fluviali. (In Italian)