CNR-IRSA activities related to INHABIT

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WFD Intercalibration process

Intercalibration process played a key role for freshwater ecological status assessment within WFD implementation. In particular intercalibration activities enhanced the development of common methods and approaches for water bodies quality comparison and classification. In this section some material on STAR_ICMi index is presented. STAR_ICMi is a river macroinvertebrates community based index developed as part of EU co-funded STAR Project activity taking into account the technical needs of intercalibration exercise. It is a multimetric index combining information on community tolerance, abundance/habitat and diversity/richness into 6 weighted metrics. Such index is at the moment used in most European member states as common index for comparison of class boundaries among different countries freshwater biological classification systems. In Italy, as well as other Mediterranean countries, STAR_ICMi has also been selected as standard method for class limits definitions for WFD intercalibration and for ecological status classification.
From this section you can be redirected to the download page of software ICMeasy for the calculation of all biological metrics used in the first stage of WFD intercalibration of methods based on river invertebrates. ICMeasy has been developed in collaboration with University of Tuscia.